about my journey

I am a mom to three beautiful boys: Parsyn, Oaklyn, & Emryk. Each pregnancy was unique, but nothing compared to my first pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum journey. 

Nearly two weeks after my first child was born, I jumped right back into a fitness regimen without consideration to what my body just went through. As an athlete, I thought I was exempt from any restrictions. I suffered from stress urinary incontinence in which I ignored as it was deemed ‘normal’ by my OB. I continued with my athletic endeavors despite having frequent leaks. I accepted that this was the new norm. While urine leakage is quite common during pregnancy & postpartum, it’s not normal.
Prior to becoming pregnant with my second child, I came across pelvic floor health, where I then began researching, speaking with professionals & ultimately, sought out a local Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist. I learned an incredible amount about my own body that I would never have otherwise. Since then, I vowed to bridge the gap between, do what you’ve always done, to creating strategies based on your body’s specific considerations.
My endeavor for you is to guide fully informed decisions, so that you can confidently make risk vs. reward decisions. There is no due date. Honor the changes throughout the entire pregnancy & postpartum journey, training when you can, scaling back when you should.