The right program. The right time.

Meeting your body where it’s at and being mindful of the chapter that it’s in. Finding strategies and building a foundation that helps you get back to doing what you love. 

About me

Hi there. My name is Emily Chitwood, Owner & Creator of Chitwood’s Core Strength. I have two pre/post-natal certifications: Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Coach, Pregnancy & Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist. 

Pregnancy & postpartum can be a vulnerable chapter. Navigating specific considerations can be overwhelming when there is a pendulum swing regarding pregnancy & postpartum fitness. There is no such thing as a bad exercise. The best exercise is one catered to YOU & your body’s considerations. Leaving your ego & expectations aside while putting your efforts toward preserving & healing your body is a key component. This is an opportunity to connect with your body by learning strategies to help build strength. 

Whether you had a vaginal delivery, cesarean, or no delivery, this journey should be made in a way that connects the dots to your core, pelvic health, & long-term fitness goals. 

About the program

I developed the 8-week Core Restore Program that was developed with you in mind. In this program, you’ll learn breathing, tension, & positional strategies in a way that is mindful of your pelvic health & pressure demands. You will gain an understanding of when to increase or decrease load, volume, & intensity. This program uses dumbbells, resistance bands, & body weight. 

Each week, you will be building capacity through the fundamentals of strength & conditioning. There will be 3-4 workouts per week. The first two weeks will be designated for fundamental rehab movements in order to connect to the core. In weeks 3/4 there will be an increase in volume & load while adding compound & accessory movements. Weeks 5-8 will continue with progressive overload, including compound, accessory, & rehab movements. 

You are not fragile, yet not invincible either. Being open to modifications or scaling back to suit your body's current needs may be part of the process. I'm so happy that you're here & I look forward to working with you in your journey.